Total statistics
Picks 173
W - D - L 102 - 11 - 60
Risked 367
Profit 88.61
ROI 124.14%
Pinnacle (83)
Bet365 (35)
188bet (26)
Dafabet (7)
Soccer (125)
Rugby (41)
Ice hockey (3)
Basketball (3)
American Football (1)
Win rate: 58.96% Odds avg: 1.86 Stake avg: 2.12 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2017-12 2-0-2 8 1.8 122.5% show picks
2017-11 10-0-5 19 3.6 118.95% show picks
2017-10 5-1-6 19 0.26 101.37% show picks
2017-9 8-4-9 29 0.24 100.83% show picks
2017-8 17-1-7 41 14.23 134.71% show picks
2017-7 17-0-10 47 8.5 118.09% show picks
2017-6 13-2-6 40 5.27 113.18% show picks
2017-5 8-1-5 49 15.29 131.2% show picks
2017-4 12-1-7 55 11.35 120.64% show picks
2017-3 10-1-3 60 28.09 146.82% show picks



Hello! My name is Armitage.

I bet seriously from 2010. I have a diary which is very useful for my stuff. My picks are based on strong infos. (missing players, suspensions, motivation, busy schedule, weather conditions etc..) 

Last season was 359 picks and +22% ROI for me. 

Last 6 years summary is 2105 picks and +14% ROI. It's very rare and I am proud. 

97% OF MY BETS ARE AVAILABLE IN ASIA+PINNACLE PRE OR LIVE, because I use only Pinnacle+Asians and rarely bet365. I RECOMMEND YOU SPORTMARKET PRO AND ASIANCONNECT for bigger limits!


My stake system is simple. SMALL 1-2 units, MEDIUM 3-4 units, STRONG 5-6 units, SPECIAL 7 units. If I share high odds, of course those will be 1-2 units. I always check the max stake limit, so trust me, I won't share high stake on low limit market. Amateurs do it, but I am professional. I would like to be here in long term. Soon I will write longer previews for my subscribers. I like this platform, because on Betverified there are no shitbookies, no livepicks and no cheaters. Easy to share and follow and you will get a verification link, which is the most important to be honest and give real profit. I think these are important for the followers. 

Thank you for reading my lines Ladies and Gentlemen!

The service is available!  Number of buyers will be limited to enjoy the odds. If you have any question, feel free to ask! You can contact me here:


James Armitage

Now special offer before CHRISTMAS. ONLY 39€. The price contains profit guarantee. If the month is not ok, you will get next for free, or if we made only few profit, you will get discount!

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