Total statistics
Picks 345
W - D - L 169 - 29 - 147
Risked 1380
Profit 45.44
ROI 103.29%
Pinnacle (285)
Soccer (345)
Win rate: 48.99% Odds avg: 1.97 Stake avg: 4 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2018-3 2-0-10 48 -28.86 39.88% show picks
2018-2 6-1-12 76 -24.21 68.14% show picks
2018-1 11-3-6 80 14.67 118.34% show picks
2017-12 11-2-5 72 22.97 131.9% show picks
2017-11 7-2-23 128 -61.29 52.12% show picks
2017-10 29-9-20 232 27.42 111.82% show picks
2017-9 32-4-30 264 9.66 103.66% show picks
2017-8 19-0-7 104 41.86 140.25% show picks
2017-7 8-3-6 68 5.8 108.53% show picks
2017-6 4-1-3 32 2.04 106.38% show picks
2017-5 14-0-10 96 4.82 105.02% show picks
2017-4 26-4-15 180 30.56 116.98% show picks




Why IBTA – experience, knowledge, honesty and my own rules that makes this project among the most proffesional services you can find.

  1. I am since 5 seasons odds compiler/expert for Italian football for one of biggest European bookmakers, so you can be sure about my knowledge and experience gathered on both sides of betting industry.
  2. bet only asian handicap and total market – highest possible limits on asian bookmakers. My belief is that other kind of bets are for amateurs.
  3. bets are taken on match day, no early bets (important: in cases when I can`t bet on match day, I will take early bets. This can`t be avoided but only in cases when minimum limit with one click is for taking (reference to point 3). Match day betting offers the most stable market and least chances of all clients getting different odds. Please read more about article about early bets and why they are a problem.
  4. bets will have minimum 1000 EUR/USD limit with one click,
  5. bets only from Pinnacle and SBOBET(there are some bets on blogabet on 188bet, but only due to their platform did not offer SBOBET odds, but I took the bet there). All other bookmakers I consider as poor ones, despite Dafabet and using agents or ISN99, samvo.. can be considered good.
  6. live bets – all live bets have e-mail notification, so clients can be prepared for possible live betting. I try to avoid them but in some cases I simply will not avoid making money for me and clients on live market,
  7. verification of all bets I take on three different places (blogabet, betverified and secretbettingclub),
  8. flat stake – guarantee that no chasing losses will happen, while also flat staking can be considered as one of foundations to know the quality of tipster.
  9. no previews of any kind, if you follow me you should trust me, I have no time and will to write reasons,
  10. not being boring, as I saw a lot of tipsterss that post 8-10 tips per month with mind set on keeping the high ROI. When good bet is for taking, I will take it. In long run I know that is the good way to make money.

Read more on: https://ibtabetting.wordpress.com/

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31 days = 150 Eur

93 days = 400 Eur

183 days = 600 Eur

365 days = 900 Eur

Possible are other cooperations (pay per unit won and operating your betting account)