Total statistics
Picks 121
W - D - L 56 - 1 - 64
Risked 179
Profit -3.13
ROI 98.25%
Pinnacle (66)
Bet365 (46)
12BET (2)
188bet (2)
Dafabet (2)
American Football (86)
Basketball (35)
Win rate: 46.28% Odds avg: 2.05 Stake avg: 1.48 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2018-1 6-0-6 26 1.7 106.54% show picks
2017-12 9-0-12 34 -10.85 68.09% show picks
2017-11 10-0-11 34 1.42 104.18% show picks
2017-10 11-0-13 34 0.8 102.35% show picks
2017-9 8-1-6 20 3.81 119.05% show picks
2017-8 3-0-3 7 1 114.29% show picks
2017-7 3-0-2 7 2.6 137.14% show picks
2017-6 6-0-11 17 -3.61 78.76% show picks

Favorite sports: I love US sports NFL is my favorite league, I love watching NBA and WNBA but 90% of my tips are from WNBA. These are the 3 sports I will be giving tips here. These leagues are offering one of the best limits on the world and this means that the odds movements who are caused from money taken on the one side of the spread will be very big and my customers will have no problems at all to placing the bets at the line I`m sending my tips.

My stake system: 1-4 unit bets most of the tips will be with 1 stake, depends on the confidence we will have 2 units bets, and 4-5 times per year we will have 3 unit bets and 1-2 times 4 units bets. I have been following some good and some bad tipsters over the years and I know that drawdowns are big problem when the tipster start increasing his stakes, with me you will not have this problem.

About the service: the number of tips for every month will be different but the minimum is 3 tips. Now in the summer we have only WNBA and thee we have very few good opportunities per month so probably we will have months with under 10 tips. In the autumn the NFL is starting and then we will have action every Sunday from September to the end of January so the number of tips will be over 10 for every month. Every tip will be with explanation so you will be able to see my reasons why I`m betting on this game.

More info: all the tips will be send via email and you will receive notifications during the day that you can expect tips today, if there is no notification that means that there are no tips today. I`m pretty familiar with all the basic rules of keeping betting service and I`m sure that my customers will have no problem with following me.

1 month subscription - 49.90 Euro

2 months subscription - 89.80 Euro (10% discount)

3 months subscription - 127.00 Euro (15% discount)

Payment method is Skrill.