Total statistics
Picks 24
W - D - L 10 - 0 - 14
Risked 214
Profit -77.86
ROI 63.62%
Pinnacle (17)
Bet365 (7)
Tennis (21)
Baseball (1)
Win rate: 41.67% Odds avg: 1.86 Stake avg: 8.92 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2018-5 1-0-4 50 -33 34% show picks
2018-4 0-0-8 80 -80 0% show picks
2018-3 9-0-2 84 35.14 141.83% show picks

-How does it work:
1-We manage money as an investment fund.
2-Monday and Tuesday are the days we use to collect all statistics and watch as many games as possible, so none of statistics leads us to any wrong prediction. We rarely make bets Monday and Tuesday, those are our days of study for the week
3-From the second round of the tournaments we start our bets, at the same time we continue collecting data and statistics to follow the week
4-All our bets are based on the players's previous matches statistics. We have an algorithm that we use in the calculation and that tells us whether we should bet or not
5-We will have days that, despite putting more than 30-40 games in the algorithm worksheets, we still will not be able to have any safe bet that is worth investing our money. We work every day
6-We try to post the choices as soon as possible, but it is not always possible. Some tournaments suffer with delays, for example due to the rains, and players end up playing two matches on the same day, but it's rare

-55 euros/month or 20 euros/week

Money back guarantee: If the month is not a profit one, you get the next month for free