Total statistics
Picks 154
W - D - L 67 - 0 - 87
Risked 1540
Profit 2
ROI 100.13%
Bet365 (154)
Soccer (122)
COMBO (28)
Ice hockey (4)
Win rate: 43.51% Odds avg: 2.4 Stake avg: 10 Streak:              

Active picks :  20.07.2018  21.07.2018  22.07.2018

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2018-7 7-0-10 170 -7.3 95.71% show picks
2018-6 11-0-15 260 -8.7 96.65% show picks
2018-5 13-0-16 290 24.5 108.45% show picks
2018-4 13-0-15 280 4.7 101.68% show picks
2018-3 12-0-18 300 -36.2 87.93% show picks
2018-2 11-0-13 240 25 110.42% show picks


To achieve the best possible results and to be profitable it is necessary to follow a few rules. Always follow the betting tips provided by our tipsters, you should not add any other tips to the ticket no matter how reliable they seem. Our tips need to be followed precisely and in full to achieve the best possible results. It is vital to keep betting regularly according to the tips provided and the amount of money placed on the ticket should be the same all the time to keep your balance in profit. We recommend to place €100.

After several months betting on more betting houses, we decided to implement our bets at bet365 only. They have a very wide range of betting opportunities and also some of the highest rates ever. The final decision which betting house you will choose however, it is up to you.

It is important to keep in mind that the odds of our tickets are never under 2.00. A profit is guaranteed even with slightly over 50% success rate.

We hope to welcome you in our group of satisfied clients who enjoy not only the profit made but the feeling of success as well. BET TO WIN NOT FOR FUN.

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