Total statistics
Picks 44
W - D - L 26 - 1 - 17
Risked 440
Profit 31.5
ROI 107.16%
Pinnacle (44)
Soccer (44)
Win rate: 59.09% Odds avg: 1.91 Stake avg: 10 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2019-2 0-0-4 40 -40 0% show picks
2019-1 3-1-0 40 23.8 159.5% show picks
2018-12 2-0-6 80 -44 45% show picks
2018-11 3-0-2 50 6.45 112.9% show picks
2018-10 7-0-0 70 47.55 167.93% show picks
2018-9 5-0-3 80 11.9 114.88% show picks
2018-8 3-0-1 40 11.2 128% show picks
2018-7 3-0-1 40 14.6 136.5% show picks

I specialize in betting on football matches. I am promising big profit and yields but on a long run. Experience has shown me that the key to success in this industry is patience, which is why I focus on long-term investment, setting goals and implementing a specific plan. Even the most experienced and successful Tipsters are not able to achieve high profits every month. You might cooperate with me during a weaker moment, but I will call for patience, because it is the most important thing in bets. I have been teaching this for a long time and it is the reason for my success.

I care very much about effectiveness, that’s why I do not provide a lot of picks – nothing by force. I choose only the true values, which is the result of long-term observations and detailed analyzes. This approach is the result of many wins.

Notifications are sent by the 'TELEGRAM' application and e-mail in hours between 9:00-23:00 CET. 10 minutes prior to that, you receive an alert notification so that you can get ready and catch the best odds.


  • Bookmaker: PINNACLE. I use only the PINNACLE offer, but most of the tips you will find, among others, on SPOBET, Bet365, Unibet, etc. You can also use the services of the Broker, for example: AsianConnect.
  • Number of bets per month: From 4 to 10 bets. I focus on quality, not quantity! Depending on the offer, I send only carefully selected tips, with a high probability of win.
  • Average notification delivery time: An 4 hours before the event. Usually, I wait for the day of the event. The closer you are to the match, the more information there are that may affect the result. In extreme cases, I send notifications an hour before the match to make sure in which line-up the teams will play.
  • Most common bet type: Asian Handicap, Over / Under Team. Asian lines in many cases give the opportunity of return of investment. Thanks to this, you can maintain regularity of high-level wins.


Important! My startegy suits more to people who are able to place bigger bets.


+10 units - 27 €

+40 units - 87 €

+80 units - 137 €

Each plan will be active until the client reaches the plan's goal. There is no period of time it can be one month or it can be 3 months.

Payment method:

  • Skrill (prefer)
  • Neteller
  • PayPal


I always write back within 24 hours.