Total statistics
Picks 294
W - D - L 130 - 45 - 119
Risked 2940
Profit -52.81
ROI 98.2%
Pinnacle (294)
Soccer (294)
Win rate: 44.22% Odds avg: 1.92 Stake avg: 10 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2020-2 1-0-0 10 8.77 187.7% show picks
2020-1 20-10-20 500 -26.86 94.63% show picks
2019-12 21-6-32 590 -132.16 77.6% show picks
2019-11 27-8-28 630 -35.69 94.33% show picks
2019-10 14-5-8 270 30.54 111.31% show picks
2019-9 16-6-9 310 45.73 114.75% show picks
2019-8 15-4-11 300 22.4 107.47% show picks
2019-7 16-6-11 330 34.46 110.44% show picks

A few words about us

We bet only football, only single bets, only  the leagues we know and got the info about, our odds are well studied and only the reasonable. After selection and discussion we provide about ~50 best tips every month straight on your e-mail address. We bet only in Pinnacle, only top leagues, so you can bet big amounts on our tips and be sure the stakes are stable. We recommend you to bet only in top bookies to get similar odds, if you live in restricted or banned countries - we recommend you to use bookie broker like AsianConnect.
That is all you need to know. The rest is in our stats.

What are the 3 most important things?

1. Our yield is stable over 10% / Win rate is 60% which means 6 out of a 10 bets are won! That is enough to earn!
2. Only single bets on Pinnacle, high limits, and no big loses / to be honest last 12 months were more or less but PROFITABLE (GREEN).
3. Average earings are about 4 stakes on a month / 48-50 stakes a year.

How much can you earn in a future?

Take a look at the stats... We have done the maths for you!
Our average profit is about 4 stakes on a month (sometimes it is +7 stakes, sometimes +1 stake on a month, but the average is ~4 stakes for the last 12 months!)
That means if you put just a €100 per one single bet you should earn about 400€ after one month (like in September - 4.1 stake of profit). So you can expect about 48 stakes of profit after a year,
which means you should earn about €4.800 - €5.000. If put double as much (€200) on a single bet, after a year you should earn about €10.000.
All you have to do is to copy our picks which should take you no longer than 3 minutes a day!
Don't believe us? Count it by yourself! And check our stats. All is there...

€99 /a month, €250 /3 months

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