Total statistics
Picks 65
W - D - L 39 - 3 - 23
Risked 264
Profit 39.51
ROI 114.97%
Bet365 (40)
Pinnacle (25)
Soccer (65)
Win rate: 60% Odds avg: 1.91 Stake avg: 4.06 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2022-1 1-0-5 24 -16.32 32% show picks
2021-12 23-2-11 142 31.7 122.32% show picks
2021-11 15-1-7 98 24.13 124.62% show picks

I am a professional tipster, in betting world for 20 years, and I'm a certified Match Analyst and Football Player Scout by F.I.G.C. (Italy).

I have direct informations for my job of italian clubs and betting is a natural consequence!
I follow all categories of Italian Football (A, B, C, D), Primavera (Italy Youth) and Women. I use my knowledge to generat profit with a professional vision as tipster.

Without using other useless words and avoiding to bore you:

Obv zero problems for limits etc: all my picks will be published via Pinnacle or bet365.

For any kind of questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Good luck to us!

In case of red month will be an automatic free added month obv.

For any kind of doubts or questions: tuttoregolare4@gmail.com