Total statistics
Picks 215
W - D - L 103 - 18 - 94
Risked 263
Profit -2.88
ROI 98.9%
Pinnacle (93)
Dafabet (75)
Bet365 (28)
188bet (14)
Soccer (215)
Win rate: 47.91% Odds avg: 1.99 Stake avg: 1.22 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2024-5 1-1-1 6 0.24 104% show picks
2024-4 2-1-3 12 -2.06 82.83% show picks
2024-2 1-0-5 11 -8.13 26.09% show picks
2024-1 4-1-3 11 0.23 102.09% show picks
2023-12 0-0-3 6 -5 16.67% show picks
2023-11 6-0-8 18 -1.26 93% show picks
2023-10 8-1-4 14 3 121.43% show picks
2023-9 1-1-1 3 0.08 102.67% show picks
2023-8 5-0-5 14 -0.86 93.86% show picks
2023-7 4-1-3 12 1.79 114.92% show picks
2023-6 3-0-8 13 -5.46 58% show picks
2023-5 11-2-11 25 0.37 101.48% show picks
2023-4 13-1-8 25 3.71 114.84% show picks
2023-3 4-0-3 7 0.16 102.29% show picks
2023-2 3-1-7 11 -4.77 56.64% show picks
2023-1 7-0-4 11 1.96 117.82% show picks
2022-12 9-1-1 11 6.92 162.91% show picks
2022-11 5-1-2 8 2.09 126.13% show picks
2022-10 2-2-2 8 1.26 115.75% show picks
2022-9 1-1-4 8 -1.56 80.5% show picks
2022-8 3-1-1 6 1.33 122.17% show picks
2022-5 7-0-3 12 3.51 129.25% show picks
2022-4 3-2-4 11 -0.42 96.18% show picks




Pre-match - Stake 1/10 Provided by SBO SOCCER BET!
Price $99.00 USD - PayPal

Pre-match - Stake 2/10 Provided by SBO SOCCER BET!
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Betting Experiences

I have been betting for over 25 years and gained a lot of experience through trial and error, until I came up to a strategy that works consistently. Now I take betting as my full-time job, where I invest time into following teams and watching games in combination with the statistical analysis software I have developed over the years. While there will always be swings in performance, some bad here and there, but this strategy can give me an edge over the bookies Long-Term. Throughout the years I have also gained plenty of experience of controlling the bankroll and avoiding foolish decisions in order to chase losses and I believe is the most important in Soccer Betting!

Successful Betting: The Rules You Must Follow!

There is no lucrative market out that can be compared to Soccer Betting. This is one area that anyone with knowledge and more determination can make a good income but if they follow an absolute path. I'm not talk about children's games, but serious things!

Below are some of the strategies that professional punters use to gain massive profits with Soccer Betting. If you are a beginner in this industry, you can also apply the same criteria and find success with Soccer Betting - You can start to be a Professional Soccer Punter!

Betting Discipline

Professional punters will agree with the fact that soccer betting requires a lot of discipline, and you are more likely to succeed if you take the industry as a long-term investment rather than for gambling purposes. It doesn’t matter how much you have as the “starting capital,” you can apply the below tactics and increase your bankroll over time. Patience and discipline are the two most important things that you must master in order to find edge and succeed in sports betting. Yes, these two are more important than money management itself because, without them you wouldn't be able to successfully employ an efficient money management plan. In sports betting, patience and discipline are special abilities that are very difficult to master. It is like climbing a very steep, icy slope, you can lose control and slip anytime. For most bettors it is virtually impossible to maintain patience and discipline in the long run. They might do everything perfectly for 1 week, 1 month or even a year but eventually they will momentarily lose that special ability and that moment is enough to destroy the bankroll. Well, what I am telling you is very IMPORTANT and please do not forget this advice!

Develop a winning analysis and stick to it

As a punter, the worst mistake that you can do is to jump from one analysis to the next. This is particularly common when a punter experience loses but it is important to bear in mind that no one is cushioned from making losses in betting. Professional bettors also lose some bets at some point so sticking to your analysis is far much better as opposed to jumping from one to the next.

Create a workable betting plan

A few wagers may be lucky enough to bet using their instincts and win, but the truth is, avoid relying on luck if you want to see a good return on your investment. The soundest step is to use a tried and tested betting plan. This way, you will be in a better position to calculate the most probable outcome as well as understand the odds and what they mean.

Sign up with different bookie platforms

This is ideal when you want to compare odds. Also, different bookmakers offer different bonuses and discounts so you may want to take advantage of that. The only things you need to counter check are the terms of service as some bookies are known to restrict long-term winners. I recommend the best Asian Bookmakers: SBOBET, bet365888sportPinnacle188betDafabetUNIBET.

General Advice for Betting

- Bet to win not for fun.
- Avoid betting on your favorite teams.
- Never bet more than 3% of your bankroll.
- Select odds between 1.80-2.20 
- Not panic if you are a losing run, not be enthusiastic in a winning run.

Feel free to contact me with any questions »


Best Regards!

Pre-match - Stake 1/10 Provided by SBOSOCCERBET!
Price $99.00 USD - PayPal 
Pre-match - Stake 2/10 Provided by SBOSOCCERBET!
Price $199.00 USD - PayPal

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