Total statistics
Picks 175
W - D - L 93 - 13 - 69
Risked 305
Profit 52.06
ROI 117.07%
Pinnacle (175)
Soccer (175)
Win rate: 53.14% Odds avg: 1.9 Stake avg: 1.74 Streak:              

Active picks : This tipster has no active picks!

Month W-D-L Risked Profit ROI
2021-2 1-1-6 11 -5.7 48.18% show picks
2020-12 3-2-3 8 0.19 102.38% show picks
2020-11 4-0-4 8 0.19 102.38% show picks
2020-10 4-1-7 16 -4.94 69.13% show picks
2020-9 6-1-2 9 2.81 131.22% show picks
2020-8 3-0-2 5 0.48 109.6% show picks
2020-7 4-0-0 4 3.11 177.75% show picks
2020-6 6-1-4 13 1.95 115% show picks
2020-5 1-0-0 1 0.84 184% show picks
2020-3 4-0-1 5 2.04 140.8% show picks
2020-2 2-0-1 3 0.82 127.33% show picks
2019-12 3-0-2 5 0.41 108.2% show picks
2019-11 6-0-3 11 2.41 121.91% show picks
2019-10 6-1-7 20 1.08 105.4% show picks
2019-9 3-1-2 16 2.28 114.25% show picks
2019-8 6-1-4 15 0.31 102.07% show picks
2019-7 5-1-4 25 4.07 116.28% show picks
2019-6 5-0-1 8 4.29 153.63% show picks
2019-5 3-0-6 48 6.36 113.25% show picks
2019-4 7-0-4 19 9.03 147.53% show picks
2019-3 7-2-6 30 0.51 101.7% show picks
2019-2 4-1-0 25 19.53 178.12% show picks
My website➝

I’m a football Tipster. I specialize in betting on Polish leagues (Ekstraklasa, 1st Division, 2nd Division, III League). I also predict the matches of Polish teams in European Cups and international matches with the participation of the Polish National Team (also the youth category).

I work all week. Every single day, I browse websites and Twitter profiles of sports clubs. I watch all matches in the highest leagues (also the replays) and I often visit stadiums personally. As a result, I can analyze the form and the way how teams can play on an ongoing basis.

About me

I am a certified sports journalist. I have extensive knowledge about Polish Football. I've always wanted to know more than others, and it’s still my goal to this day. I worked in the editorial team in two 1st division clubs. I know the „cloakroom climat” and the life of the football club from the inside. I also worked as sports statistics in an international company. I have been reporting live matches that were visible on online bookmaker platforms. Football is my obsession.

Service Details

Number of picks

Most importantly, I take care of a high win efficiency and that is why I do not give a lot of picks – I am not forcing anything. Every month, I pick between 3-12 tips, depending on the intensity of matches in a given period. I only send single picks, both pre-match and LIVE ones. Maximum two picks are active at a time. Only exceptions are situations, when I send pre-match picks, and in the meantime – I place a live bet.

Type of bets

I follow the most popular betting options: Asian Handicap, 1X2, Over/Under. From time to time, I bet on the number of corners or cards, but only when I see a big value.


I use the odds exclusively from Pinnacle (the best bookmaker according to rankings), but most of the tips can be followed by other bookmakers, for example, SPOBET, Bet365, etc. If you have a problem with accessing Pinnacle in your country, use the offers of the broker – AsianConnect.


I am educated in economics and finances, which allow me to manage properly a bankroll. For this service, I use a system of stakes 1-2 units and I recommend that 1 unit should not be less than 300 Euro. In addition, I take into account the maximum bet size on Pinnacle.
With such staking,
I expect at least +20 units of profit during the year.


I send notifications via the TELEGRAM application between 10:00 and 22:00 CET.

I try to do it, as far, ahead of the match as possible, but there are situations where the deciding factor in the placing of the bet is the lineup in which the teams will come out. Then I send the notification shortly before the match, but never later than 30 minutes before the commencement of the event.

5 minutes before the tip you will receive an ALERT, allowing you to prepare and catch best odds.

I typically send LIVE picks during half-time, between 1st and 2nd half.

My website➝


1 month – 69.90 € (no guaranteed profit)

2 months – 119.90 € (guaranteed profit +2 units)

3 months – 169.90 € (guaranteed profit +3 units)

If you do not achieve the promised profit within the subscription period, I will extend your membership for 1 month.

Payment method:

  • Skrill (prefer),

  • PayPal.


My website➝

For additional info about my service feel to contact me:



Telegram: @probetsport7

I always write back within 24 hours.